freelance line producer and production services for advertising film productions in switzerland

This site is under construction. Please note that due to current workload I have no capacity to help out with any request from outside of Switzerland, thank you.

Hello my name is Alexander, I’m a freelance line producer for advertising films. I am based in Zurich Switzerland and work for a number of film production companies. Please check my LinkedIn account if you want to know more details. I’m a former graphic designer and have worked for about 12 years in the advertising industry. For 9 years in film production and for 4 years as a freelancer. 95% of my work is as a line producer. I have a track record in outdoor productions with limited crew and am very experienced in special access and logistics for mountain, sea and air. I am a calm and competent decision maker, confident in handling clients up to CEO level. I’m mostly handling projects with budgets between 100k and 800k. I love crunching the numbers and still approach each project from a visual perspective. As a former designer visual aesthetics is really important to me. Depending on the scope and needs of your project I am open for different roles within the production department such as line producer, unit production manager and occasionally location manager, fixer, consulting producer and bidding producer. Unfortunately, I’m mostly too busy to help out with international production requests. Recently I was working for Swisscom, Sunrise, Ochsner Sport, Credit Suisse, Postfinance, Bank Cler, Emmi, IWC, Schweiz Tourismus, VWP Wallis Tourism, Swiss Life, SUVA, Ovomaltine. In my time off I’m a sailboat captain, I crossed the Atlantic a few times and am equipped with a set of super strong nerves. I am currently planing to sail to Greenland.

For collaboration, please contact me through phone or email below.

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