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Hello! My name is Alexander and this is my personal website, featuring stories of my travel and sailing adventures. I am very much fascinated by nature, I love rock climbing, sailing and the oceans with it’s adjacent lands and people. I am 31 years old at the time and work for an adverting film production company as a producer. I studied graphic design and have spent some 10 years of my life in the industry. From a very young age my dad told me stories of his travels around the globe back in the days. He is to blame for nurturing such a restless soul in me. And he is to thank for making me wonder and go out to find all these places on and off in the past years.
I am currently planing for longterm sailing and possibly circumnavigating the globe. Fitz Roy is my boat. It’s a 1992 Hallberg Rassy 36, it currently lies in Greece where it will be refitted this summer. I will do most of the work myself and report my progress in my sailing blog Follow along to learn about refit, my plans for the future, nice food, Greek islands and a glimpse into my budget and planning.